How important is Steve Nash to you?

Recently Wil Cantrell asked if you would, hypothetically, commit to ten years of the Suns sucking like a Timberwolf for a single championship. The subsequent poll showed that most people would. It brought to mind a different question, one that might hit a little closer to home for some of you. It has to do with our beloved face of the franchise, two-time MVP and lifetime Canadian goofball, Steve Nash. Here's the question.

Would you trade Steve Nash for a guaranteed Suns championship in 2011?

Here are the specifics. The hypothetical question that I'm posing would ensure at least one Phoenix Suns championship upon the trading of Steve Nash. Whom he would supposedly be traded for is irrelevant, just use your imagination and keep it at that. There are no strings attached to the deal that stipulate that they must suck eggs for the next ten years, after their one title they are free to compete for more but only one is guaranteed.

On the flipside, if you choose not to trade Steve the Suns can still try to win a title with him on board, so theoretically you can have both the championship and Nash in one tasty combo meal. Logically we are looking at two or three more chances before Steve calls it a career and his number 13 goes up into the rafters.



 Just to make it clear what you are wagering, I thought I would provide some visuals.

This picture collage that was provided by our own waxmonkey will do quite well to remind you of the awesomeness of Steve Nash. This is who we're talking about trading.

But if you trade him, you will prevent the following display of disgusting, vile filth from happening:



Picture these jackasses replaced with our own Phoenix Suns.


Would you trade Steve for a guaranteed 2011 Suns championship?
Yes. Bye Steve, make sure you watch our parade.
199 votes
No. Can't do it, Steve is just too special.
643 votes

842 votes | Poll has closed

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