Horrible Trade Idea Open Thread

So with Bright Side of the Sun exploding with awful trade rumors I wanted everyone to have a thread where they could talk about the worst possible, half-baked, half-assed, and just plain stupid trade ideas that they could come up with. 

I'll kick it off with a well thought out 3-way deal:

Suns receive:  A time machine, 1987 Michael Jordan, Dolph Lundgren right from the set of Rocky IV

1987-88 Chicago Bulls receiveJason Richardson, Adrian Balboa, Dwayne Collins, Butkus the dog, and Todd Quinter

Rocky IV receives:  Artis Gilmore, Earl Clark, a 2012 second round pick, and Granville Waiters (to make the cap numbers work)

Why this works:  The Suns get a time machine which allows them to go back in time and collect both Jordan and Lundgren at the peak of their powers.  Chicago gets Jason Richardson and what I can only imagine will be transcendent skills for the time.  In addition, Balboa's negativity will serve as inspiration for the team as she constantly reminds them of their inability to win.  Rocky IV saves some money by getting rid of Lundgren and replaces him with the larger Artis Gilmore along with the potential of Earl Clark for future sequels.

Trade Dudley.

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