Fernandez or McGrady: Who Is A Better Option For The Suns?

Houston Rockets' Tracy McGrady (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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Houston Rockets' Tracy McGrady (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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In the spirit of boring summer days leading to overreaction...

Sam Amico tweeted yesterday that the Suns might pick up Tracy McGrady

@SamAmicoNBA: Cavs reportedly aren't interested in McGrady or Iverson, for what it's worth. Suns could possibly take a flyer on T-Mac.

Can I just say "Ugh"? Really? Tracy McGrady? I really hope he's pulling this out of thin air. He writes a weekly blog for suns.com, so maybe I'm giving him a little too much credit for having inside info from time to time. 

Given that McGrady is having trouble finding a team - he's been checked out personally by the Clippers and Bulls, who both passed - he's likely to get the league minimum to play (about 1.2 million for a veteran of his years). Yet he somehow sees himself as starter material (see below). I don't see how that works for the Suns.

Conversely, the Blazers are hard-shopping SG Rudy Fernandez, who makes about the same money - 1.2 million next season, and is younger by a long shot. See below for the clipping. He would have to be acquired via trade. To keep it simplest for this discussion, let's assume the Suns could only use part of Amare's TPE, and would send a future #1 pick for his services. That would leave 4.5 million available later (as opposed to 5.7 million currently left).

Time for a poll!  (maybe the Suns will read this and see what the fans think)

NOTE: please leave a comment to explain your reasoning.  I'm really unsure how I feel about either of these options, so I'd like to hear why people are voting one way or the other.

Here's a link to the Fernandez story

Blazers looking for a fast trade of Fernandez

At the urging of Rudy Fernandez and his agent, the Trail Blazers have engaged in accelerated trade discussions to deal the disgruntled, once- popular shooting guard to one of three Eastern Conference teams. Boston, Chicago and New York are all in the running to land the 6-foot-6 Spaniard, who set an NBA rookie record two seasons ago by making 159 three-pointers.

Some of the teams interested in Fernandez have offered a future first round draft pick, while other offers would pair Fernandez with another Blazers player, but agent Andy Miller would not get into specifics.

And here's where McGrady thinks he's a starter:

McGrady sees self as starter:

The veteran said he wouldn't mind joining Chicago as a reserve, but his preference would be to start.

"I won't have a problem, but that's not what I'm really shooting for," he said of a potential bench role.

"I think, yeah, if I was the player that I was in a Knicks uniform, I would have no problem coming off the bench, but I've worked extremely hard and I'm far from being that player. Trust me."

Assume for a moment the Suns DO want to sign a backup SG. Who would you rather have?

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