Daily Poll: What's In A Name?

With yesterday's poll yielding good results, let's try a new one. I think everyone agrees that the Suns is as fitting a title for any team in Arizona. I mean, when you think of Arizona, what else do you think of? Grand Canyon? Cactus? Douche-y Scottsdale bar frequenters? I could be wrong, but I don't think any of those names would fit for a professional sports franchise. But hey, I've never named a sports team before that wasn't in a fantasy league.

Let's hear what you've got, Bright Siders. I want you to bust out the big guns. I don't want to hear any cop outs like "Arizona Cowboys" or something. Get that weak stuff outta here. Come up with something that could legitimately become the team name, if the team decides to change the name, and then tell us why. Come up with something entirely ridiculous. Come up with something that would make most WNBA team names look like they were well thought out/not terribly lame. (Disclaimer: I have mega respect for the WNBA. I just think some of the team names are...well, lame.) Whatever you do, make it original. Make it hilarious. I don't care. I just want something creative.

Or...you could vote for one of these guys. I threw out the first five team names that came to my mind. Don't judge me.

If you could, what would you rename the Phoenix Suns?

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