Long, Hot Summer Time Chat: Introductions please

We are entering the period of the basketball season where things are going to get really, really slow. The Suns do have the outstanding GM question and there's a chance of more trades, but until training camp starts in September, there's not much to blabber about.

And since apparently some of you people would jump off a cliff if this site went dark for two months, we have some interesting things planned.

Baseball! We are going to spend a lot of time examining the NL West race and discussing how the D-backs can position themselves for a 2011 comeback season!!!

Just kidding. If you want to talk about that, AZ Snakepit is there for you.

We've got some basketball- and Suns-related stuff in the hopper. But first, let's do something we have done in awhile, but is always fun.


There are a lot more people that read this site than comment on it, so please stop hiding behind your screen and introduce yourself in the comments below and answer the following questions:

1. How long you've been a BSoS member?

2. Where do you live (no addresses please, just city, state and country)

3. How or why you became a Suns fan

4. Favorite movie of the past year or so (time limit precludes 300 people saying Star Wars)

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