Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 37: Clipper Steve Previews The Clippers As Well As Some Eric Bledsoe, Jared Dudley & Offense Winning Championships

It is not just that the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers are in the same division and have to play each other four times a year, they are also making moves that make sense with each other. They are helping each other out. They are almost acting jovial with each other.

How is this happening?

The teams orchestrated a trade with one another to help improve the Clippers shooting (one of their biggest weaknesses) while sending the Suns a dynamic, young, athletic prospect -- three of the biggest weaknesses for the team last year.

Steve Perrin from ClipsNation joined the podcast this week to preview the Clippers and the lofty expectations they have. Through all the drama, trades, and moves made by the team; are they better and ready to contend for a Championship? The Clippers have great thing going with star talent, hope, have a winning culture, and are becoming a model franchise.

How did that happen?

Click here to listen to the podcast: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 37 with Steve Perrin

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