Solar Flares - NBA/Suns Open Thread - Eurobasket, Watchability, Grading

Here's a few links to chew on...

Follow for live updates of Gortat (Poland), Dragic (Slovenia) and Kravtsov (Ukraine).

USA Today ranks Suns 30th in Watchability this season


Ugly basketball: Dragic, Gortat and Bledsoe all would be role players on good teams. Here, they will be asked to be the stars. The Suns may have the worst-constructed roster in basketball, and watching Dragic and Bledsoe take shots that no one else is more qualified to take won't be pretty.'s Ben Golliver (of BEdge fame) gives the Suns a nice offseason score

Grade: B+. This was a textbook overhaul: replacing bad vibes, desperate management and nonessential veterans while injecting a clearer vision, eager front-office personnel and young talent. If they had a time machine, the Suns would likely rewind to 2010 and do things differently, but that doesn't change the fact that this summer goes down as a badly needed "better way late than never" course correction.

And finally, informal workouts have picked up.


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