Phoenix Suns Podcast 32: Talking trade with Tom Lewis from Indy Cornrows


Actually... maybe wheel and deal isn't the most glowing praise for the recent moves. It actually has a negative connotation based on Old West gambling (roulette and cards) and generally implies an underhanded, exploitative action. Sorry Ryan. I was looking forward to dropping this scintillating bit of knowledge, for at least some of you, but when I did it shattered. Sad face.

Now that the Suns have up to three first round picks in the 2014 draft, McMiracle has his work cut out for him to acquire the other 27.

Special thanks to Tom Lewis from Indy Cornrows for putting up with me joining us for another pedestrian brilliant episode! You are not just a man, Tom, but in fact THE man. Trust me, I fact checked this on the internet.

Follow the action and his work at as the Pacers have their eyes set on an NBA championship next season. Tom is also on twitter - @indycornrows and facebook -

Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 32 Tom Lewis Interview

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