NBA Rumor: Spurs discussing Marcin Gortat trade with Suns


According to the report by a Huff Post Sports guy I've never heard of before, the San Antonio Spurs would trade for Marcin Gortat. The Suns would either get Boris Diaw or Tiago Splitter in a sign-and-trade. In either scenario, the Suns would reportedly get a 2014 first-round pick from the Spurs.

Here's the original source of this trade rumor:

Source: Spurs-Suns deal 4 Gortat would either be n a Splitter sign-and-trade or Diaw/filler. Suns get at least a 2014 1st rounder either way

— Jordan Schultz (@Schultz_Report) July 1, 2013

It's almost not worth discussing this in too much detail at this point since this is such a thinly sourced rumor. For my money, and this is just a quick gut reaction, Diaw's one remaining year and likely late first-rounder for Gortat is a bit light on the return. And I don't really see the need to invest in a longer-term deal for Splitter in a sign-and-trade.

So, my vote would be, no. I'd hang on to Gortat and wait for a bigger and better offer which I believe would come around the trade deadline. For the record, I don't actually have a vote.

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