Open Thread: Suns Vegas Summer League, Game 5

After four games, it's pretty clear that this isn't a very good Summer League team. That's ok, the point isn't winning.

But winning is always better than losing, so there's that. And there's Earl Clark, whose performance in Vegas so far resembles washed-up show girl as opposed to young, hot rising star. Shame that, but it doesn't mean the end of Earl. Until this kid gets consistent minutes on an NBA floor, there's no way to judge him. That said, it would have been nice if he did well and so far he's not done well (in case that point wasn't clear yet).

I am headed back to Phoenix and will likely be on the road for this game, so no more insightful interviews and no more of me wanting to claw my eyes out after watching seven hours of bad basketball.

Suns face the Summer Warriors today, who feature Reggie Williams -- who's been very good -- along with Brandan Wright -- who in theory is a perfect guy for Earl to test himself against.

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