New Phoenix Suns logos revealed


Of course, the reaction is going to be mixed. Some people love change, some people hate it. Some people love purple, some people don't.

But the great thing about life is that nothing stays the same.

Here are the new Suns logos displayed on T-Shirts on


Though I really could do without the 'S' logo, I happen to like the other two renderings.

There are more logos too, but SBNation is not yet licensed to show them and we are a reputable outfit. I just took the ones off the official NBA store.

Suns beat writer Paul Coro, from, conducted an indepth interview with the new logos today in exclusive coverage.

Here's a snippet:

The look of the franchise is changing with new uniforms, including black road jerseys and sleeved orange alternate jerseys, for the coming season. New logos already have shown up on official merchandise.

The new Suns uniforms will not be unveiled formally until late September, but the team's logos already have been changed with an understated roll-out of merchandise and a new logo under the brim of Thursday's draft hat.


The Suns also will have throwback jerseys, planning to return the "Back in Black" campaign that was a popular use of the Suns 1990s black jerseys. The Suns have used black alternate jerseys but this will mark the first time that the Suns' main road jerseys are not purple.

Sleeved orange alternates for the road? Yuck. I remember Golden State's last year. Now 5 NBA teams are going to try them out.

Hit the link for Paul's whole article. Paul knows their siblings names, aunts, uncles and everything. They even made him dinnner afterward.


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