Let's Play A Game: "Who The Suns Should Sign Next!"

OK, folks... today, let's have some fun.

There's been a lot of panic over the last few weeks since Kerr announced he was leaving, and then when Amare left, as well. Suggestions to acquire this player and that player, despite our complete lack of need or that player's limitations of being under contract with another team. Usually, those suggestions have been met with healthy chortles and general disdain by some and cheers by others.

However, the Suns don't seem interested in making anymore big splashes right now. In fact, I hope they don't sign even one more player until a new GM is in place. The GM needs a chance to implement his plan, ESPECIALLY in the middle of a transition. Our new GM, whoever he/she is, will have a solid, deep roster of tradeable parts and a huge TPE (12.5 mil) to acquire that next superstar.

So, we've got a while to wait until something happens. Plenty of time to create wave after wave of panic posts and comments.

This post is meant to be a cathartic exercise, illustrating why the Suns don't need any more players than the ones on the current roster.

Here's my poorly-hatched plan:

Post a comment beginning with the name of the player you want the Suns to acquire and explain WHY they would be good for us.

And then (here's where the fun begins) EVERYONE ELSE has to post replies as to why we DON'T need that player. Of course, the trashing needs to be logical and backed by facts. And under no circumstances should you trash the person posting the comment. Only trash the player themselves.

Simple, right? And probably a really, really bad idea. But what the hell.

I'll post the first example, to show you what I'm thinking.

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