LeBron to Miami: Who's Surprised?

LeBron to Miami. Was Anyone Surprised? (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

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LeBron to Miami. Was Anyone Surprised? (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

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They certainly drew this thing out as long as possible. And to be honest I don't think many were surprised with the outcome. If LeBron was truly interested in rings, then going to Miami was a better choice than NYC or Chicago, or Cleveland. And for that, I don't blame the guy.

So has the balance of power shifted? Is the East the new beast? How do the Lakers take on the Heat? They'll need more than Kobe and the newly signed Steve Blake. Part of me wants the Lakes to face the Heat and trounce them. That's just me hating on the frontrunner, or alleged frontrunner.

Out of shear boredom of the Jim Gray interview, I decided to keep count of LeBron's references to himself. The

tally, + or - 3-5 goes something like this:


  • Amount of times LeBron referred to ME OR MY:  31 Times
  • Amount of time LeBron referred to I:  53 Times

All in approximately 15 minutes.



And maybe we cannot blame him, the questions Gray lobbed at him all had to do with he and his decisions. LeBron, LeBron, LeBron. And perhaps we should give him credit for not refering to himself in the third person: "LeBron had difficult decisions to make. LeBron loves his fans in Cleveland. LeBron gave a lot to the city and the city gave a lot to LeBron." That would have induced projectile vomiting from this blogger.

So, how do we feel about LBJ going to South Beach? Are they instant title contenders? Can Bosh, Wade, and LBJ co-exist?

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  • For Cavs Dan Gilbert reaction (which is awesome in too many ways), check this.

The Lake may burn tonight.

Are the Heat an Instant Title Contender Now with Bosh, Wade, and LeBron?

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