LeBron James: THE BIG DECISION, Will You Be Watching?

Tonight at 9:30 ET, LeBron James will take over ESPN for a half hour to announce his big decision. The decision will be aired from the Greenwich, CT Boys and Girls Club. What a fitting place to illustrate to youngsters how selfish and arrogant one adult can be.

Greenwich Officials have reported that they are very excited to air the sports world's hottest event and have hired 10 off duty cops, just in case. This is going to be a big damn deal, people.

Said First Selectman, Peter Tesei:

"I'm excited that he's chosen our town to make this monumental announcement and also that he's doing it at the Boys & Girls Club, one of the finest institutions. Greenwich is at the epicenter of sports activity."

Evidently a selectman is some sort of town official. I'm not sure what a town official does, other than somehow broker a LeBron appearance and world wide media frenzy via ESPN.

Personally, I find this kind of self-centered, ridiculous, preposterous, "event" absolutely abhorrent on many levels. At least Amare only tweeted a bunch of information. Before Kobe signed on with the Lakers again, he didn't make this big of a deal over himself. In fact, I don't think anyone in the history of sports has made the decision about his next employer into such a spectacle. I suppose, though, in this day and age, nothing should surprise any of us.

LeBron had/has indicated that his whole free agency was to be filmed as an NBA documentary. Of course, centered around him. So more of a LeBron documentary about LeBron than an NBA one.

In LeBron's defense, there seems to be some philanthropic aspect to the whole thing. The advertising proceeds for James' announcement will go to the Boys and Girls Club of America. And for that, perhaps we should applaud him or his inner circle, ESPN, or whoever made that decision.

For those of you who would enjoy a more eloquent and longer criticism of Lebron, check out Wojo's thoughts.

I now step off my soapbox to ask:

What do we all think about LeBron and his "Big Decision Special" tonight?

SB Nation sites (pilfered from Rufus on Fire)

Fear the Sword -- Full-fledged meltdown is not out of the question.

SBN Cleveland -- Where, sadly, turning to the other teams in the area doesn't do much good.

Blog-a-Bull -- Still maintaining hope that LeBron sees the light and joins the best team available.

SBN Chicago -- You think they're riding high from the Blackhawks? Midwesterners will never get cockier than if LeBron chooses the Bulls.

Posting and Toasting -- Knicks fans see the dream slipping away and suddenly find themselves rooting for a turnaround sparked by a guy who Bill Simmons astutely points out has "a bad knee and a bad eye [and] who hasn't played defense in six years." Ruh-roh.

SBN New York -- Having lived in Manhattan, if LeBron decides to go elsewhere, I can assure you a good chunk of New Yorkers will convince themselves they're too good for him and that he was afraid of all the "pressure" they'd put on him.

Peninsula Is Mightier -- Just don't remind them that the NBA plays with five men on the court, not three.

Will You Be Watching LeBron Tonight Make His Big Decision?

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