What Happens in Vegas...

What Happens in Vegas... certainly shouldn’t stay there in this Bright Sider's opinion. I’d like to talk (type) about the Summer League and the Suns’ upcoming soiree in Sin City. I wondered to myself -- which almost always translates into me doing a lot of reading and research -- what exactly is the purpose of having summer league? Is it like summer camp glorified?

The purpose of the Summer League is simple. It follows just after the Draft and gives players who have been in the league for three years or less and newly-drafted talent a chance to practice and time to sharpen skills and/or examine and appreciate weaknesses. This is great for guys like Earl Clark, Gani Lawal and others who will need to beef it up before considering the possibility of a good run in 2010-11. It’s also a chance to show off, in a manner of speaking, to attract possible invitations or contracts to overseas clubs or training camps. I imagine it’s a little bit like becoming a contestant on the Price is Right. Boisterous, talkative and outwardly positive people generally make it over the hump, and the slackers (me a’ la Cheerleading Camp, 1999) just get some good summer exercise.


Also referred to as the Vegas League, the Summer League has been held in Vegas since 2004. I don’t really understand why, although I suspect it has something to do with money, honey. Which reminds me to ask... if anyone knows, can you bet on games during the Summer League since it’s in Vegas? Remember, I’m just the BBGF, not exactly well-rounded (pun intended) in my basketball knowledge quite yet. I wonder what else the fellas like to do while they spend time in the depths of hell? How many games do the vets come to see or participate in on average? Historically, has the Summer League been a useful tool for fans to gauge where their confidence level should be while waiting for the regular season to start? So many questions.


Even though Seth already wrote all about it, I thought I’d be really nice and remind everyone: first up for the Suns on July 9, 2010 -- the Rockets. July 10th, we have the Raptors. On the 12th, it’s the D-League. July 14th sees the Suns versus the Cavaliers, and July 15th, we have the Warriors. If you can’t make it out to see the fellas play, you can watch it live with Summer League Broadband. Game On!


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