Hakim Warrick Scouting Report: Beyond The Numbers

We have reached out to our fellow bloggers to get more information on Warrick.

First response is from Allen at our Memphis Grizzlies site, Straight Outta Vancouver.

Warrick played his first four seasons in Memphis, where he was extremely durable. He was drafted 19th in 2005, after four years at Syracuse.

Here's what Allen had to say about Warrick:

As much as I feel your disappointment, you definitely could have ended up with worse than Hakim Warrick for $18 million over 4 years (sent before reports that final year is team option).

In Memphis, Warrick showed that he can really score with decent efficiency in just about any situation. If you think Conley is terrible and the Grizz run a stagnant offense now, just imagine what it was like in 07-08 and 08-09. Even with the team's complete and utter incompetency, Hakim managed to shoot right around 50% from the floor.

He's got the offensive skills of a small forward without three point range; he'll put the ball on the deck, will isolate to get his own jumpshot, and can spot-up shoot from almost anywhere inside the three line. He's not going to shoot quite as well as Amare off the pick and pop, or really score in the post at all, but he brings lots of similar skills to the table.

And of course his best skill is his finishing. Hak Attack goes dunk city with the best of them, and I suspect he'll be about as useful to Steve Nash in the pick and roll as Stat was.

Rebounding and defensively, well, Hak's disastrous. Amare isn't a great at either of things, but Hakim is pretty awful. He's very, very skinny so he gets pushed around in the post, and he relies on his vertical to get the few rebounds he does manage to grab. Fortunately he does apply himself, at least, so I suppose he could improve in the right system and with the right coach. Maybe the key to fixing his defense is dropping into the Suns zone?

Because he tried hard, even on a terrible Grizzlies team, and made flashy plays, Hakim was well liked, and I don't know of a Grizz fan who was happy we didn't bring him back last off-season. Also he was Rudy's best friend, and everybody else on the team seemed to like him too.

As far as Hakim in the Suns' system, like I've hinted at, I think it's really a good fit. You really couldn't have found a more similar player if you tried -- both in abilities and faults. He'll probably be even more useful if you teach him to shoot threes at a respectable clip, like Jared Dudley, but will be helpful right away for between 25 and 30 minutes a game. I would not be shocked at all if he has a career season in Phoenix.

He's really a great platoon starter and was one of the franchise bright spots during the worst times.

Straight Outta Vancouver

[Note by Seth Pollack, 07/02/10 11:14 AM MST ]

Here's a very nice statistical comparison of Hakim Warrick and Tyrus Thomas created by Blog-a-Bull last season after the Bulls acquired Hakim from the Bucks.

Hakim Warrick By the Numbers - Blog a Bull
The numbers suggest Warrick's a slightly better version of Tyrus offensively, and downright awful defensively.

Neither description is particularly good. And that shows up in Adjusted Plus Minus. From 2006-2009, Warrick's -6.40 APM ranked 4th worst in the NBA (Damien Wilkins, Juwan Howard, Eddy Curry) among players who played over 5000 minutes. Warrick's 2008-2009 basketballvalue APM was -5.19, and his current two-year APM stands at -3.62.

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