At the Hive: Robin Lopez and the Statue of Liberty have a lot in common


Rohan hits the nail on the head over and over again with his review of former Suns C Robin Lopez. So much that he could have built a house.

First things first, the picture to go with the article is one of Lady Liberty herself. With her single outstretched hand while standing in rebound position. I smiled.

Robin Lopez, [on Wednesday night against the Pacers], was a perfect encapsulation of the offensive and defensive philosophies of both the Hornets this season and Monty Williams at large.

Am I the only Suns fan saying "uh oh"?

Lopez is the team's go-to for disturbingly long stretches. When a ball-handler -- Vasquez, Mason, Roberts, Aminu -- is in trouble, it is Lopez's giant, huddled figure he seeks refuge in. Lopez is happy to oblige, receiving the ball countless times with his back to the basket, 20 feet away from the hoop.

In short order, he's become New Orleans' personal Statue of Liberty, eagerly welcoming the team's beleaguered, its tired and its poor, its huddled masses yearning to breathe free and/or dribble at a semiprofessional level.

Suns fans can conjure this image all too easily - Lopez going way out on the perimeter to receive the pass, then awkwardly move it along to the next guy in slow motion.

Needless to say, there are many problems with Lopez, Point-Center. Turnovers: bad. Quality of shot: bad. Loss of rebounding ability due to the team's 7 foot center being 15 feet from the hoop even if he's a pretty pedestrian rebounder: also bad.

Rohan goes on to talk more about Robin and the Hornets' defensive and offensive struggles. It's a great read. Be sure to hit the link and learn something about tonight's opponent.

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