Is the Suns court the 'ugliest in the NBA'?


We interrupt the contrived controversy of Marcin Gortat's inflammatory statements and in true modern media form will now try to divert you to another made up dust up. To wit, we have Grantland's Zach Lowe expressing his displeasure with the new Suns court.

How New York's gambles are...and the ugliest court in the NBA.
It's Halloween year-round in Phoenix, as the Suns, for some reason, decided to eliminate their nice purple/blue shade in favor of this orange-and-black mess.

It should be noted in the interest of fairness and balance that Mr. Lowe claims via Twitter (and we have no reason not to believe him but using words like 'claimed' imply more drama) that it was some other nefarious outside party (likely not nefarious) that described the USAC playing surface as the "ugliest in the NBA".

I doubt Misters Sarver and Babby care what Zach Lowe thinks about their court design. They probably (hopefully) care what you think. (and remember that in America, not every vote counts).

And yes, if you guessed that this post was a waste of time on a slightly boring pre-Thanksgiving Tuesday then you can pass Go and collect your two hundred fake dollars.

Where does the new Suns court fall in the NBA Ugly Courts Power Rankings?

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