Solar Flares - Weekly Open NBA/Suns Thread - Happy Thanksgiving!


Growing up, and intermittently as an adult (based on hunger level), my family has gone around the Thanksgiving table and given their thanks for something or everything in their lives.

Let's do something like that here on Bright Side, since we are the Bright Side after all!

This week, as a special feature on BSotS, let's all try to be a little more positive about our favorite team. And on Thanksgiving day (or before or after, at your convenience) post on here what you are MOST thankful for when it comes to the Suns.

Some ground rules:

1) pretend you are here with family, and give thanks as you would around the dinner table (ie. hold the sarcasm)

2) be thankful for something that has happened in the past 12 months, since last Thanksgiving

That's it.

Let's get some positive energy going!

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