Knicks hoping to meet with Stoudemire

ESPN reports that Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni will meet with Joe Johnson in LA, midnight on July 1, and after that meeting is held, the Knicks would also like to meet with Amare Stoudemire in Los Angeles.

Even though James is New York's main target, Chris Broussard points out that the Stoudemire/Johnson duo, which was sucessful in Phoenix, would be a nice consolation prize if James signs elsewhere.

My thoughts are that if James doesn't sign in NY, Amare is a Knick. They will offer Joe Johnson, and Stoudemire max money probably, thus overpaying them, and they will both accept happily. Amare would definitely leave his past with D'Antoni behind him for the max. If I remember correctly; if Stoudemire leaves the Suns will have $13 million worth of cap space, which could possibly sign: Rudy Gay, David Lee or Carlos Boozer

Source: Rotoworld


Ed Note: For consolidated Amare rumors, visit SB Nation Arizona's Amare Sage StoryStream.

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