RE: Dear Robert Sarver

Hello Loyal BSOTSers (and Wil Cantrell specifically),

I am deeply sorry to have to write this letter.  Many of you are understandably concerned and I appreciate the passion you show in good times and in bad.  This is surely the latter. 

First, let me say thank you for drinking the premium priced beer, eating the premium priced hot dogs and writing with all due respect.  Your patronage has assured that I can afford my choice of villas in Nice and a Yacht ten times the size of Wil CantrelI's house. In return for your kindness the least I can do is address W(indeed is)TF, so here goes...

This season was an unexpected joy to watch for all of us.  I can't tell you how satisfying it was to see our Suns make the improbable run to the WCF that they did.  I am first and foremost a Suns fan and I enjoyed it just as much as anyone.  Because of that success everyone including me was excited about what the offseason might bring, unfortunately for me I have to deal with the offseason as the business that it is rather than the fantasy league I wish it could be and that has put us at loggerheads I'm afraid.

I know my answers on KTAR were not forthcoming about the situation that is currently unfolding, but can you blame me.  What good poker player (and as businessmen that's all we really are) reveals his hand before the flop. This summer is pivotal for our franchise as we all know and the decisions I make will reverberate for the next half decade.

Alvin Gentry did an amazing job this year.  He took a team that was barely expected to make the playoffs to the edge of the NBA Finals and for that I commend him.  That said, this was by far the best he has performed in his several stints as head coach in this league and I think it would be reckless of me to succumb to the moment and pay when the market is at its highest.  If you want an illustration of the effects this can have you need look no further than the Arizona Diamondbacks.

As for the players on this team, I am forced to take the long view.  Within the next year a new CBA will be negotiated and contracts for everyone in the league will be greatly reduced.  This fact means that everyone who signs large contracts in this final year of the current CBA is sure to be left holding the bag (which, unless you can sign LBJ, will become a big flaming bag of poo to be sure) for the next five to six years.  I love what this team has been able to accomplish as it is currently constructed, but do any of us really believe we are overtaking the Lakers (Oh, how I hate them) in the next two years.  As long as they have Kobe, Pau and the gang the rest of the Western Conference is reduced to fighting for table scraps or hoping for an injury.  

Amare has proven that he is a great player, but not a championship player.  Trust me no one is more upset about that than me.  I could resign him to the MAX deal he is seeking and we could continue to be a team that is good but not quite good enough or I (and all of us) can realize that a team with Amare as its highest paid player is never going to possess the fire that it takes to win it all.

As for Steve and Grant, they have done everything asked of them and more and they deserve to be allowed the opportunity to go where ever they choose (as long as we can acquire adequate compensation).  I hope to place them in a situation to compete for a championship while securing pieces that allow us to continue to build around Dudz, LoFro and the Dragon.

The next year and possibly two are going to be difficult, but stick with us.  We do have a plan.  So for now, go out and stock up on Krispy Kremes just don't OD and don't lose hope.  We will see this through, we will emerge stronger for it and we will one day deliver the championship that you all so richly deserve.


I had to write this letter in Sarver's voice to ease my own mind.  I am deeply disturbed by the events of the past week and can only hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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