Dear Robert Sarver:

Dear Robert:

Say, what the hell is going on? A few weeks ago, our Suns were fighting for a finals birth. An unexpected one. An impressive one. One that was enabled by the work of David Griffin, Steve Kerr, Alvin Gentry, and of course your players. Let us not forget us fans filling U.S. Airways Arena, drinking your beer and eating your hot dogs for premium prices. Now, it is all unraveling fast before our very eyes.

WTF Robert? What is REALLY going on? We of the Suns nation deserve more than your little interview yesterday on KTAR, which was nothing -- not PR, not damage control, not information of any kind of substance or value.

You sounded like one of those old Enron Execs or something. Was your lawyer in the studio with you? Just a joke -- this isn't a rant to insult you; that's being done elsewhere by a bunch of bloodthirsty jackals.

Not me, sir. I'm writing with all due respect.

So down to brass tacks and the purpose of my correspondence:  What are your plans? Are you blowing this team up? Who's next, the players? Amare ... yeah, we get it; that's over. But what about the other winners that have made you so much money, that we all love and respect so much? Steve Nash? Grant Hill? Dudz, JRich? Lou and Frye (yeah, I'm sure they'll be demanding too much), Goran? The rest?

How's about Alvin Gentry? He's a good man, right? And he led our team through the ups and downs of this past season. How does he feel now? Maybe a vote of confidence ($ and security) would be smart or nice, or something to show some appreciation. A pat on the back these days doesn't pay the bills.

Hello? Bob? You there?

Listen, I'll be honest, you aren't looking so good right now. We don't really trust you and we have no idea what comes next. What are your motives? You can understand us being nervous, right? I mean, are you trying to fund a villa in Nice, or a yacht bigger than most of our homes, or are you trying to get the Suns franchise over the hump and into championship contention? Doesn't sound like the latter to me. In fact, it kind of seems like every time we have reason to believe we're going in the right direction as a franchise, you make Negative Nancys out of us.

Oh and this other thing that's bugging me personally: You really blew the BSOTS player evaluation project. We were rolling pretty good. Trevor, Watadogg, and myself were putting up some good work. Even Basketball Girlfriend was going to contribute as a means to celebrate our season and get over the disappointment of losing to the evil empire in LA.

You really screwed that up now, Bob. Do we continue in spite of the recent news, or do we just forget it, because a lot of us are considering taking up antidepressants, OD'ing on Krispy Kremes, or skipping work to get a 5th of Ten High and find a hole to crawl into.

Bob, your life is good. We congratulate you on your millions, but let's not forget who made a lot of that possible. So, here's an open invite to address some of the most intelligent, die-hard Suns fans. Why not give me a call or email and we can arrange an online interview where you can justify yourself and give us some truth.


Wil Cantrell
Common Man 

PS:  Some of my my fellow common men may have some words for you below ... (Let's hear it, Bright Siders ... He'll read it, I'm positive).

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