Suns Steve Nash Proves Loyalty to Fans, Franchise


If Steve Nash would have demanded a trade after the first half of this season, no one would have blamed him. His team was awful, and was looking as though they would continue to be awful for 66 games. But Nash neve complained, he never brought up a trade scenario (although many others did, which he calmly and truthfully discussed).

As time progressed and the trade deadline loomed, the national hacks all over placed Nash in Orlando, Dallas, Portland, Toronto, New York...Name it. But Nash held up to his word. He would not ask to be traded. Meanwhile the Suns brass stated they would not trade Nash unless he asked.

Still, no one really believed that. After all, athletes often say what sounds best and most NBA GM's and owners usually keep quiet as to plans for their human assets they may or may not be shopping. Yet in this case, both sides kept to their word. The result, Nash is leading his team into the Western Conference playoff race.

Paul Coro goes into more depth about the past, present and future of Steve Nash, a rare breed of professional athlete:

Loyalty makes Suns' Steve Nash stick out: Paul Coro/AZ Central

"He will have options and one he will strongly consider is Phoenix, based on what they're planning to do," Duffy said. "They respect him and he likes (Suns Managing Partner) Robert Sarver, (President of Basketball Operations) Lon Babby, (coach) Alvin Gentry and his teammates. -Nash Agent Bill Duffy

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