Just for Fun: Amar'e, why not check your horoscope for answers?

Whoa, whoa, whoa…astrology and basketball? Nonsense. Stupid. Completely irrelevant to be sure, and yet just a bit interesting in the case of Amar’e and his decision impending…

Amar’e is a Scorpio, the most "intensive, obsessive and turbulent sign in the zodiac" according to numerous astrology sources. Now I’m not one to go for the astrological approach in determining past, present or future occurrences, but for the sake of entertainment and a wacky perspective, I’d say this sign’s traits might describe Mr. Stoudemire quite accurately.


From tarot.com, a breakdown of the beloved Scorpio’s characteristics, also referred to as "The Scorpion", (with further breakdown of Amar’e):

1.        The Scorpion is one intense little creature, with enough poison in its own tail to disable or kill a much larger opponent.


Let’s consider this for a moment. Amar’e is certainly intense, and the proverbial poisoned tail might just be his infamous elbows, but there is more to the story. I think he’s proven that he’s more than capable of killing (defending against) larger opponents. However, he’s also capable of killing his fans’ respect by asking them with grammatical abandon what to do about his future, and killing their hopes if he dissents and ignores popular opinion. Don’t let the door hit you, in other words…


2.        But the problem with this kind of built-in biological weaponry is that it must be mastered in order to be used most effectively.


Amar’e is still young enough to build on his already undeniable skills. The question is whether or not his skills would improve or waver staying with or going away from the Suns. It’s about his career, after all. It’s not selfish of him to consider another team at this point in his life, not even a little bit.


3.        You Scorpios can use your "stinger" for self-defense, using your powerful emotional awareness to render your opponent harmless.


Emotional awareness – now that’s something. Do you think, as I suggested above, that Amar’e is really emotionally aware of what he’s doing to fans at the moment? Are the fans really thinking about what they might do to Amar’e? If we boo him out of the city, will that hurt his self-esteem? If he leaves does that mean Suns fans will question theirs (not me, but you never know).  Self-esteem is extremely important, ne mandatory, for a basketball player. I realize it is pretty ridiculous to talk about emotions and basketball (although I do believe there is slightly more emotion in basketball over other sports – especially baseball), but the "stinger" concept brings to light a provoking thought: Amar’e has been prone to bursts of emotion (i.e. points scored that make the BBGF squeal with delight) and sudden surprises (where’d the ball go? …why aren’t his legs moving?) that can bring a house down or raise its roof. I mean, what else can he possibly do that he hasn’t done to us already? Awareness my shoe.


4.        But there is a sexual component of poisonous tail also, and until you learn to control those strong urges, you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations.


I actually have no comment on that one…not any that I would feel comfortable posting. Maybe we can translate "sexual" into "lust": lust for the game or for opportunity. Commenters go.

Amar’e has an appealing horoscope forecast for the summer; let’s see if it aligns itself with reality come July (my personal comments are bolded):

Hungry for Change

A world of opportunities may open this month, as brilliant ideas can lead us in unexpected and exciting new directions professionally (duh). There's a lightning storm of discovery coming as expansive Jupiter enters innovative Aries on June 6 and joins inventive Uranus two days later. This is an uncommon convergence of wisdom (Jupiter) and originality (Uranus) that is bound to shake a lot of us out of our ruts. I wonder if Jupiter and Uranus could be subbed for teams (like Suns, Miami – etc.).

Restlessness is likely now, and there's nothing wrong with being hungry for change in this dynamic atmosphere. In fact, the sun's presence in mobile Gemini until June 21 is another cause of itchy feet and wandering minds. It can be especially difficult to concentrate on routine matters that will feel more and more boring. Breaking old work habits, though, can bring some interest to a current job (job?) as the desire for stimulation can overcome the need for safety. Considering jumping ship is reasonable, although it's wise not to give up what you've got unless you have a very clear idea of where you want to go.

And with energetic Mars moving into perfectionist Virgo on June 7, it's vital to manage whatever is done with the highest degree of skill and efficiency possible. The wilder your idea, the more important it is to have it grounded with a mastery of the skills needed to turn it into reality.

June is going to be a long month, yeah?

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