Pictures of Crappy Players Who Have Rings

So remember that one time my boy keify34 put up that post inviting us to throw up pictures of obscure former NBA players?  And do you further remember how it was a Bright Side of the Sun sensation that swept the nation (word play) unlike anything you'd ever seen before? 

Well this is going to be kind of like that - or at least I hope it's going to be.  The title pretty much says it all so feel free to post pictures of your favorites in the comments.  Basically you want a player who was on the roster of an NBA Champion and was well....awful at the sport of basketball in the NBA sense.  I'll start - from the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls (for which he only played one game during that season)....Jack Haley!


Can we recapture the keify magic?  Yes we can!

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