10 (7) Reasons Not to Watch the NBA Finals

Or, "Why You Shouldn't be Pulling For Either Team"


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Okay, so I understand that some of us SB Nation Gangstas consider ourselves basketball purists, and would watch any game, any time. I am here to explain to you why this year's NBA Finals should be an exception to that rule.

As Suns fans, boycotting the NBA Finals could be construed as many things to the outside world: childish, whiny, petty, ignorant, or just plain wrong. To prove that skipping the Finals is none of these things (except some of them), after the jump are the top 10 reasons I will not be tuning in this year:

1. Lakers-Celtics is boring. Yes, I said it. The two best teams pitted against each other is just plain boring to me. Nothing new. Didn't this happen a couple years ago? Didn't I skip watching it then? ESPN has been hyping the matchup relentlessly as the "two most storied franchises" pitted against one another (hell, Lakers v. Celtics even has its own Wikipedia page). They are relying on the two teams' history to make this exciting, but honestly, I couldn't care less whether the Celtics or Lakers win their 18th or 16th title, respectively. 


"The Lakers Big 3: Kobe, Odom, Farmar?" via thelakersnation.com

2. Nobody to root for. For me, this is even worse than Spurs-Celtics as far as good guy-bad guy scenarios go. I like to root for my teams and underdogs. Neither is present here. My hatred of both teams is difficult, given that I would constantly be rooting for both teams to lose. Which would be awesome. 


3. Media buildup. Seriously, the 24/7 Lakers-Celtics coverage has put me over the edge. Given my addiction to ESPN, SB Nation, and ESPN Radio, this has been a difficult week for me. There's nothing better worse than having Cowherd's nasally voice praising the greatness of this rivalry. Consider my nausea exacerbated. Case in point: too much media focus on one event turns into stories like this.


4. I am a Suns fan. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that any decent Suns fan can't watch (and enjoy) a Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals. Oh wait, yes it does. YOU ALL DISGUST ME. 


5. Arguments about rooting for either team are silly. At best. Look, the idea that any Suns fan would be OK "losing to the champs", or wants to see the Celtics "take revenge for us" against the Lakers is preposterous. It's not good sportsmanship to root for the team that just beat you. It's humiliating. So take some pride in not rooting for the Lakers or Celtics, please. Obviously the best outcome for the Suns would be playing in the Finals, but that didn't happen. So let's sit down and watch NCIS re-runs.


6. Kobe. If this image makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside, you need to be over at Silver Screen and Roll. GO!


7. General health. I won't have to worry about my brain exploding because of rooting for both teams to fail. Think of how much extra time I'll have, too! I'll be able to exercise more, catch up on reading, or spend more time hanging out with friends who couldn't care less about basketball. Maybe I'll even write a fanpost. 

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