Are We There Yet? Or rather, How Did We Get Here?

There isn’t anything I can say about the season that hasn’t already been said. The Suns far exceeded my expectations ‘til the bitter (sweet) end, and I can’t wait for next season.

I feel like I can’t handle not handling the playoff pressure, stress and plans. I know it has nothing to do with me personally, but now I don’t have an excuse to blow off lame plans with whiney, dramatic friends and basketball nights will be replaced with long (boring) baseball days. Cry me a river, you might be thinking, but there’s no crying in baseball. I just get so bummed when the season ends without the big W. It’s nothing new in my past seven years of Suns fandom, but there’s always that week of “what if” and “if only” to follow the finish.

This was an insane season. Erik and I watched as we broke the TNT curse during a miraculous Mavericks game and held our breath as the Suns rose again to meet the Spurs after the Blazers battle. Nobody saw that amazing feat coming. We always talked about the probability and possibility of a sweep, but the Spurs? That was sweet justice. I surrendered to the delight of the Suns capability after that awesome accomplishment. Manu (my favorite character from Perfect Strangers) Ginobli be damned. There was nothing more to ask for except from the Suns fans: remain optimistic, give the boys a round of applause no matter what the outcome, and come back next year in full force.

There is absolutely a lot to look forward to next year. Already I’m enjoying the buzz around Stoudemire and his future with the Suns (if any), and as Wil Cantrell  mentioned in his article this morning, nobody was really sure he’d last ‘til the end of the season anyway. I’d be interested to follow his accomplishments on a different team, but I really hope he goes for the game and not the green. Reading Bill Simmons’ thoughts - briefly:  “Amar’e signs with Miami, Barbosa traded to OKC for nothing, Dirk signed with the created cap room. Done, done and done”. My basketball boyfriend Erik (now transitioning into just my pal again – maybe we can be billiards buddies?) once had a terrifying dream about Dirk Nowitzki framing him for murder so it may be a little scary for him to imagine him calling Phoenix home. And no Lou? I…don’t know how to feel about that. He’s going to be an asset to any team and I wish him luck (wish he’d stay). Channing, well, what can I say? If you love something set it free…go get your wings outside of AZ and come back to see the family when you can.

On that note…and because I’m supposed to be working right now, I’ll leave you (my one reader) a very small list of my favorite things from the 2009-2010 season:

BG’s Favorite Things

·         Favorite players this season: Jared Dudley (Junkyard!!!) and Goran Dragic.

·         Favorite off-court Suns drama: Amare Stoudemire’s Mom Arrested… Again

·         Favorite on-court Suns drama: the Slovenian squabble.

·         Favorite commercial during Spurs playoffs: Old Spice, POWER! – Especially the one with the tiger.

·         Favorite games attended: Games 3 and 4 of the WCF, duh!

Erik’s  Favorite Things:

·         Bench development

·         Motion of the offense

·         Nash becoming the first player to be in AARP and being in an all NBA team

So finally…are we there yet? I can’t wait for fall!

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