Phoenix Suns Depth Chart (and FA needs)

So I was looking at the Phoenix Suns depth chart...

PG Steve Nash, Zabian Dowdell

SG Jared Dudley, Mickael Pietrus

SF Grant Hill, Josh Childress

PF M.Morris, Hakim Warrick

C Marcin Gortat, Channing Frye, Robin Lopez, Garrett Siler

...and feeling a little sick.

My next instinct was to try to fix it, because something is obviously broken. =-/

I mean, the dropoff in PG play when Steve leaves the game is to be expected, but did we really want to go straight from legend-of-all-time to D-league-callup? And I'm a Dowdell fanboy!

Then there's center, where we have 3 guys who should be in a rotation (a little crowded), and PF, where we have 0 rotation players at this point. Yes, Channing will slide over and play that position, but that only works on certain nights again certain teams. Some PF's end up torching him, and he's in foul trouble fast and often trying to stay in front of them.

Then theres SG, where we have 2 guys who are rotation players, but neither of them is starter-quality.

And I sort of put the needs in that order:

1) Backup PG

2) Real PF

3) Starting caliber SG

Of course, that could only bring me to Tom Ziller's excellent article on available free agents. Assuming that all the Tier1 guys are out of our price range, and that anyone we got would be someone worth cutting into our free agent monies next offseason, I thought the following people would be worth pursuing:

Rodney Stuckey & Aaron Afflalo: We probably can't get either of these guys, but they're both certainly worth offering the midlevel to.

TJ Ford: Veteran backup PG - check. He would be better than Dowdell, and we could probably actually have him, unlike the two above. He may be better than brooks as well.

Andrei Kirilenko: I know what your'e thinking - he isn't a real PF! On the other hand, all his best years of production were playing the 4, and if ever a player needed a fresh start, this is the one. Insert obligatory comparison to Shawn Marion here.

Chuck Hayes: Some guys just win no matter where they go, to the contrary of common sense. Chuck Hayes is one of those guys. He won't be particularly expensive, he'll play tenacious defense, rebound the hell out of the ball, and is generally an

Josh McRoberts: If Morris pans out as an NBA player, I envision him playing a lot like McBob does now. So why not skip the development stage and just go straight to it? He rebounds and stretches the floor, and he's more mobile than Channing at the 4 spot. Would he be better if he wasn't playing for the Pacers?

Nick Young: Offer will probably be matched by Washington, sure. But that will help us next year. And if not, we would finally have a player on our team who wants to shoot. (Pop quiz: can you name a player on our current roster who is shoot-first?)

Leon Powe: 2 things happen every time Leon Powe plays. First, he puts up great scoring and rebounding numbers in limited minutes. Second, his knee explodes. Come to Phoenix, Leon. This is the premier destination for guys-who's-knees-explode.

Who do you think would be a good fit here?

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