A Sneak Peek at the 2011-12 NBA Season!

SB*Nation has announced that the new NBA schedule will be released tomorrow night on NBA-TV:

The schedule will be released at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night in a special being aired on NBA TV, according to the station's schedule. It will be discussed on the program NBA GameTime.

However, we have received an exclusive sneak peek here at BrightSideoftheSun!

Because of the urgency of time constraints, league officials seem to have turned the creation of the new schedule over to the accounting firm of Bigg, Ash, and Mann. While the entire new schedule has not been released, we are able to see the timing of certain games, thanks to this sneak peek leak by one of the schedule's new creators:

All eyes will be on the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat, as they are showcased in three games around the world on consecutive nights. They first meet in London on Jan 10th, then Mexico City on the 11th, followed by a game in an exciting new venue, in Afghanistan on the 12th. The Lakers will then immediately play against the Suns in Phoenix on the 13th. Miami will come to Phoenix on the 17th, after playing at Orlando, Dallas, and Chicago on the three previous nights.

Because of a quirk in the schedule, Phoenix' only road games will be in Toronto, once each month, but those games will each count as 6 games in the standings, because the Suns are only ever scheduled to play three times a week. Their home games appear to be mostly against Minnesota and Cleveland, though they do face Dallas after it has completed an 8 game in 7 night west coast swing. Portland comes to the Valley after consecutive outdoor games in Juneau, Siberia, and Antarctica, all against the Spurs, who then arrive in Phoenix after playing in Boston the night before.

We would like to thank one of the new schedule's co-creators, a Dr. Steven Ash, for allowing us this sneak peek at the new schedule. Dr. Ash explained that some of the quirks in the schedule are there to smooth out the Stern Smugness and Snottiness of previous antiSun biased schedules. He and his team from the Bigg, Ash, and Mann Firm, or BAMF, for short, have broken in to the schedule creation business just recently. We can be assured of the validity of this new schedule, having been informed that the league's computers are completely unhackable to anyone short of a quantum physicist.

We sought confirmation of this release from league officials, but Garret Siler was sitting at the entrance, completely blocking the door; however, we did see Grant Hill with a rope go out the window, so maybe he was going to assist the commissioner and his staff.

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