Welcome Back to the Bright Side of the Sun!!!!

Portrait of focused Nash and Hill designed to invoke excitement amongst the readers. Amongst? or Among? HM (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

A Note From Management:

I would like to personally thank every single one of you who lurked around through the lockout B.S. and returned to BSOTS once again for your Suns news, links, coverage, personality, pictures, videos, and of course witty bantering, inside jokes, and excessive rosterbation.

And while I am in the mood to give thanks, I would like to introduce to the masses our two newest "Official Writers:"

  • You know the man as very tall, like insanely tall, and a lover of those crappy mid 90's jerseys (yeah I said it. Hated them.) He's most likely one Gortat injury away from getting a shot at the starting center job on the Suns...Oh and he's an excellent, knowledgeable writer and all-around nice kid: 7-Footer!!!!! So, like can you dunk?
  • Our next new guy has been on BSOTS for over 3 years. That's a serious commitment. Combining a rapists wit with a passionate love for all things SUNS, please welcome: PHXgp!!!!!
These men stuck around through the lockout and helped the crew continue the QUALITY TOTAL COVERAGE you all demand. If you are new to the site, welcome, we are happy to have you around, as long as you are nice, respectful, don't start blog wars (especially with the Bedge-those can get serious) and adhere to the guidelines.

Please help me in welcoming the boys to the BSOTS crew. We are refreshed, poised, willing, able, uninhibited, and obsessed with reporting all things Suns and NBA. But mostly Suns.


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