Is Aaron Brooks the Answer to the Phoenix Suns' Point Guard Issues?


Or better yet, does it matter?

Aaron Brooks is signed with the Guandong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association through the 2012 season (regular season ends Feb 15). Because the CBA has restricted NBA players from playing unless they waive their right to opt out of their contract for the 2011-2012 season, we can safely assume that Brooks will be in China until at least mid February. 

So, what do we do? We all know exactly what we have in Steve Nash, and Suns fans also are aware of the value of having a capable backup point guard to rest Nash during (increasingly longer) stretches of the game. Because the shortened NBA season will by necessity include more back-to-back games this year, it's even more important to have that PG-2 spot filled before the season begins on Dec. 25. 

Zabian Dowdell, a hardworking but underwhelming guard, currently owns the PG-3 spot with pride but as Seth points out, without significant improvement he's not going to be reliable given potential big minutes on the floor. 

Free agency presents a few alternatives, such as Ronnie Price or J.J. Barea. Price is a quick, undersized guard with great athletic ability who sits third on the Jazz depth chart behind Devin Harris and Earl Watson. Juan Jose Barea is a diminutive guard that we know too well. His energy is unmatched and his decision making is getting better and better with increased playing time in Dallas. 

What do you think, Bright Siders? Can Zabian Dowdell hold the Phoenix Suns back point guard position until late February, or does it even matter? 

Is Aaron Brooks the Answer at the point guard #2 position?

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