An Adventure in Sharing!

"We're trapped in the bottom of this 40 foot hole!"

"But at least we found the treasure!" 

The hinges creak as the lid of the treasure chest is forced open.  Gold, silver, and jewels spill out, overflowing the chest and gleaming in the torchlight.

"Oh my! This must be worth over 4 billion gold pieces!  We're rich beyond our wildest dreams!"

"All we have to do is climb up, lower a rope, tie it to the treasure chest, and pull it up, and we can live like kings for the rest of our days!"

"We're going to have to work together to get up without a rope.  If we stand back to back-- like this-- and link our elbows-- together, yeah, that's it-- we can climb up together.  Put one foot on the wall-- there.  Now I'll do the same."

"Yeah!  There we go!  Another foot, up! Unh. Yes, it's working!"

"Back to back, arm in arm, we can make it out of here!"

"Unh.  Keep climbing.  A little more.  Unh."

"Getting closer.  Then we can just lower my rope, haul it up, and split the 4 billion!"

"Yeah!  Unh. Who gets to keep the rope after we split everything?"

"Whaddya mean, 'Who gets to keep the rope?'  Unh. It's my rope.  I'll keep the rope."

"No way!  That's not fair!  What about the middle class?! We should cut it in two!"

"I'm keeping the rope!  And the padlock we busted off the chest, too!  Take it, or leave it!  And any lint I find in the lining of the chest!  OR THERE'S NO DEAL!"

"YEAH?!  Well, I have a bundle of dynamite here, and I'm lighting it right now--"

"Don't let go! Whadder you doing? We're gonna FALL!"

"--and dropping it down the hole, so you better change your nasty tone when you're talking to me, and give me--"


Both men fall in, the hole collapses, and they are totally buried, and no one ever remembers that they existed.

The End


* But, fortunately, a team of lawyers arrives and, after years and years of arguing about the correct length of shovel to use, and the proper dimensions of the scaffolding and support timbers, they rescue some of the gold, which they keep for themselves.  yippee. *

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