The Walmart-ization of the Phoenix Suns...

Have you looked at your roll of toilet paper lately?  The hole has been widened.  The diameter of the tube has been increased, so there's less paper, and more hole.  The product looks the same from the outside, but you're getting less than you used to.

Have you noticed your cereal boxes?  The height and width are the same, and Cap'n Crunch looks as dapper as ever, but they have lessened the depth. The product looks the same, but there are fewer sweet golden nuggets to crunch.

Have you taken a look at the bottom of your peanut butter jar recently?  Skippy is as tall and as round as it's ever been, but the concaved underside is more indented than ever.  It looks the same on the outside, but there's less nutty protein on the inside.

It seems like more and more of our products are getting clipped, or hollowed, or cheapened in some way to squeeze out another penny.  What Japan did to the US, by making cheaper...well, everything, and Korea did to the Japan by undercutting them, and what China has now done to everybody, knocking off skimpier, flimsier, and sleazier... items, seems to have affected everyone's notion of turning out a "good" product.  Let someone else do the research and development and invest all their hard work in inventing some widget, then imitate everything about it except the thing itself.  Clip it, shrink it, make it out of pot metal, (paint it with lead paint, of course) and undercut the market by mass producing billions of the suckers.

I'm afraid the notion of the cheapening of products until they are virtually unrecognizable has struck the Phoenix leadership over the past couple of years.  Instead of keeping the high flying, hard working ethic of the SUNS going, the leadership has turned out a watered down, lite version of our beloved SUNS.  Oh, they've kept the masterful Steve Nash, so the product looks the same from the outside, but there's a huge hole right wherever Vince Carter is standing.

The package LOOKS the same from the outside, but it's dimpled in the bottom, and shallow in the back, and there's a great big hole right where we used to find a hard working heart.  We used to have players that flung their bodies into the fray, floorburns away!   Instead we have players who fling the ball from 40 feet away, screaming like little girls, not driving into the lane, not diving after the ball.

Sarver's greediness, to me anyway, seems to have turned our beloved SUNS into a cheap imitation of their former selves.   --sigh--

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