Just Sayin'

A funny conversation between friends makes me realize just how much I am hurting for some basketball today...

E: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage lasted 72 days. Too bad she didn’t marry the NBA lockout.

E2: I wish I could like this 10 times.

E: And even if that happened LeBron would still piss off everyone in Cleveland.

E2: And the Heat would still be fined…over and over and over.

E: And Robert Sarver would still be a cheap ass *****!

S: And Mark Cuban would still be a *****bag.

E:  And Mike D’Antoni would still say “Defense? Don't bother, it’s not important.”

S: And Phil Jackson would still think triangle offense works even if you don’t have Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

E: And Joe Johnson would still say “I can't believe I make 23 million dollars a year even though I'm at best a basic role player.” Wow, Atlanta is stupid.

S: Maybe it is a good thing the NBA isn’t active right now. Except that I don’t get to complain about these things on a daily basis!

E: Oh let's not forget...and Shaq would still ask Kobe how his ass tastes!

S: Maybe Kobe will change his name to "World War".

E:  I miss basketball. I think I'm gonna go outside and take three steps without dribbling and not here a ref blow his whistle…just like the NBA.

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