NBA Fans Voice - My memories

It's not the missed rebound by Jason Richardson that I will remember for the next 20 years of my life, nor is it the thunderous dunk by Amar'e over Anthony Tolliver that will appear in my mind when I least expect it.


Instead, it is the personal moments I have had with the NBA.  The moments I have experienced with many but remembered alone.  


These are my memories.



Waiting for the NBA schedule to be released and then complaining about the perceived injustices of said schedule in relation to my team.


Risking my job by spending hours upon hours of work time looking on internet sites for the latest NBA news. It was worth it.


Going to bed at 10pm, waking at 2am, watching a game and then going to work on only 4 hours sleep. Doing it for as many of the 82 regular season games as I can and as many play-off games as possible.


Risking my relationship with my girlfriend by devoting more time to the game than to her.


Watching NBA Entertainment videos so many times that I would go to sleep at night with the commentary to 'Hakeem the Dream' running through my head.


Receiving a handful of NBA trading cards from my Coach and feeling like it was Christmas. My Christmas present contained Darrell Walker.


Buying a miniature Houston Rockets hoop with equally miniature ball and playing ball in my bedroom every night.


Attending the T-Wolves/Boston game at the O2 Arena and buying those tickets before the KG and Ray trade was made. I was prepared to watch that and pay £70 for the privilege.


Coaching some young kids and letting them rename themselves as current NBA players.


Sticking NBA stickers all over my German language book at school and having to look at Matt Maloney each and every day.


These are memories that have been created thanks to the National Basketball Association.

These are memories I treasure.

These are memories made by sacrifice.

These are memories I want to build upon with a 2011 season.

These are the memories of a fan.


And how sad, that as fans, we are all but a distant memory during these lockout talks.


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