Lockout talks continue - guess where we're at...

Knock knock

Who's there?

The CBA talks.

Jesus Christ! You're still there?! I thought you were finished about four months ago.

Nah, still going.

So what do you want?

To be discussed.

Yeah...that's..uh..that's not gonna happen.


Well it will but only for about 8 hours a week and in the meantime, we're gonna cancel a bunch of games.

Oh right, well cheers for that.

Glad you appreciate it because the fans don't.

The who?


*(To save yourself some hassle, skip to the bottom of the post for the result of the lockout talks to date) 


That joke, right there, is exactly how I feel these CBA talks have gone.  They've dragged on when they should have finished months ago, there's no definite point to the progress made and they aren't funny.


Any yet Stern and Billy Hunter still can't manage to sit down for longer than XFactor is on during the week, in order to sort it out.


Good news though - while they are still being A class tools and posturing, posing and talking loudly, they're still providing soundbites, the most recent of which has come via the radio.


Hunter on WFAN


Billy talks about the following:


How the owners are looking to roll it back to 37% over an eight year period, Stern the prophet, the gap of 6% between 47 and 53 and how it closed but then instantly opened right back up again, guaranteed contracts and the player's feelings on it, his feelings on the result of a lost season and playing hardball.


Stern stated that continuing to meet up with the players and Billy Hunter was essentially pointless unless something changes...and soon.  He has quoted Tuesday as being a pretty important day but how definite that day is, is anybody's guess. All of that can be found here.


So, to recap - there is still no NBA season.


Feel free to carry on with your day.

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