So Sarver Goes and Sells the Suns...


So Sarver goes and sells the Suns to the Chinese Basketball League and our favorite, fantastic Phoenix team is no  longer in the NBA.  Gone is MVSteve, BAMF, the Hammer, Dudz, everybody.  If that were to happen, who would be your favorite NBA team, and why?

(What I'm kinda looking for is this: Is there any sort of general consensus on whom BrightSiders would pick as their second favorite team.  If we took a vote on least favorite, I'm sure the Fakers and that team that BEdge cheers for would be on the top of that list.)

If you absolutely had to pick some NBA team other than PHX, whom would you choose?  And why?

Do you cheer for a team that has dazzling point guard play?  Do you cheer on loveable losers who can never get over the hump?

Just curious.  Not a lot of other stuff to talk about.  Maybe go ahead and list the top 5 teams you could cheer AFTER PHX.

Lock and load, peeps.  Fire your comments:

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