Miami Wants Grant Hill...

And part of me wants to send him over there.  I mean think about it, we are talking about a player that above almost any other play still in the league today deserves a ring.  He is a perennial all-star he has always represented the league in the best manner, and he continues to play well as an "old man".  

However, I also have a huge loyalty to him and to see a player let alone a person like him go to "The EVIL Empire" hurts. The decision to move Grant Hill falls in the hands of Lon Babby and the Suns front office and of course Hill, who is an unrestricted free agent. A front office who has only guaranteed the security of one aging superstar in Steve Nash.  So what does that mean for an aging small forward who's only dependable upside is his sheer determination to continue and compete.  

Without Grant Hill I truly believe that this Phoenix Suns team will lose their way, without another solid leadership voice on the team who is level headed and has a large basketball I.Q. I think we will have no chance of gelling or going any further than last year.  

With him we have the potential to become a respectable defensive team, add length to our line up, and above all else have a player that can lead the team when Steve Nash sits. I think we can all agree the backup point guard position is up in the air right now and that we don't have a solid bench PG that can keep the team on track when Nash is off the court.  

The Heat have expressed interest in a number of players recently targeting Hill as one of the possible recruiting possibilities along with Battier, Prince and Micheal Redd.

What is frightening is that they have a really good calling card in the BIG TWO Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.  With quality potential backup minutes to Lebron James and a good compliment to Dwyane Wade it will give the Heat much needed depth to their roster allowing them to throw more then just James and Wade at at team all game long.  

Remember Hill was once considered the next Michael Jordan and at times showcases that killer instinct he once had as well as some impressive bouts of physical dominance. 

So in all these fantasies of seeing Grant Hill win a championship I still want to be selfish and see him retire with us.  So can't have him, he is ours and we will honor his decision to retire whenever that may be.  I only wish that we could have seen him play more in his prime.  


Grant Hill Jokes About Block On Bayless (HD) (via SunsDynastyXcom)


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