Aaron Brooks Considering Offer To Play In China?

According to a short blurb found on the popular basketball blog Hoopsworld, Phoenix Suns' point guard Aaron Brooks is supposedly considering an offer from a team in China to come and play overseas during the NBA lockout.  The report also mentions that he is already very popular in China due to playing with his former teammate Yao Ming and his success with the Houston Rockets in the 2009/10 season.

Earlier this week, Brooks also expressed his desire to re-sign with the Suns when interviewed at a Charity Basketball event in Seattle.  However, with the NBA lockout in full effect and no resolution in sight, Brooks like many other players around the league may very well be weighing his options for the near future...Including the possibility of signing overseas.

Although many people have mixed emotions about the possibility of NBA players playing overseas, this could be advantageous for Brooks.  After suffering an injury last season and then coming back with a disappointing performance in both Houston and then Phoenix, Brooks may benefit from the additional playing time.  Time will tell if he ultimately decides to go overseas, but playing in China during the lockout may give him the chance to get comfortable on the court again, and regain his confidence after such a difficult year.

Source:  Hoopsworld 



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