BBGF's Halfway Haikus: July Edition

I have no worthwhile haikus to contribute this month. I am so sorry I’ve failed you. Actually I don’t *really* care, but I want to be consistent – so please feel free to add your own in comments as usual. Also, I should mention that I’ve spent most of the last few months on vacation and/or working very hard, so basketball has taken a backseat lately to exploring new restaurants in big (actual) cities and bitch-slapping deadlines that try to bring me down. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Until we get some momentum on the upcoming, slow/late starting season, my haikus will be more like hai-poos. Oh, me. 

We’ll start out easy:


Hot but not humid

Typical Phoenix summer

Still waiting for rain



                Come on, it’s just blowing dust

                Phew, I wasn’t here


It rained after all!

But only for ten minutes

And that’s all we’ll get


Then add some Suns references:


When I heard the news

(NBA released schedule)

I smashed butterflies


No October games…

Halloween will take their place

As significant


It is just so sad

Paychecks will go missing soon

Blank televisions


Our team grows older

Grant Hill, Steve Nash, Vince Carter

Waiting for resolve


And  to wrap it up:


Haircuts are awesome

Unless it was one of those

Britney Spears moments


Jim Coughenour

Our resident thesaurus

Verbose and prolix…


I hope my fellow BSotS are enjoying summer, despite the current state of NBAffairs.


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