Will Phoenix Suns Trade, Re-Sign, Or Let Steve Nash Walk?

One of the most significant and contentious issues facing the Phoenix Suns and their plans for the future is the decision they must make about the two-time league MVP, seven-time NBA all-star, and current face of the franchise, Steve Nash.  The 37 year-old veteran point guard is currently under contract with the Suns until the end of the 2011/12 season (assuming it is played), and although his age may cause some people to question his worth, Nash has shown little if any signs of slowing down.  Steve has lead the NBA in assists in five of the last seven seasons, including the last two in a row.  He has also continued to shoot the ball at a very high level with .492% FG, .395% 3pt, and .912% FT stats in the 2010/11 season.

Michael Schwartz from the blog Valley of the Suns recently wrote an article detailing the three options the Phoenix Suns are currently facing regarding Steve Nash.  First, the Suns could choose to trade Nash either before the season or prior to the trade deadline in exchange for another star player and or future draft picks.  Second, the Suns could re-sign Nash to a two or three year extension and allow him to retire as a Sun.  And finally, the Suns could opt to simply let Steve Nash walk at the end of this season to save cap room going into the 2012 summer of free agency in hopes of landing another superstar.

Steve Nash has proven that he is still one of the best offensive point guards in the league, but without any other legitimate stars playing along side him there is little hope of winning a championship. With the Suns' decision to let fellow perennial all-star Amare Stoudemire sign with the New York Knicks before the start of last season, rather than to offer a guaranteed max contract deal, the Phoenix Suns all but conceded their quest for a title and instead chose to re-build. Many people believe that it makes much more sense at this point to either trade Nash for value in return, or to let him walk at the end of the season and officially rebuild.  But with Steve Nash being the only real draw left for season ticket holders and merchandise purchasing, can the Suns afford to lose him?

What should Phoenix do about Steve Nash?

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