NBA Lockout: A Late July Update and Cry for Decertification

You weren't expecting good news, were you? Yet another body of this lead zeppelin has spoken out-the agents. And they want to bring some more lawyers into this deal.

Of course I wasn't paying attention to those guys. I was thinking about the popcorn sellers and security guards working at the arena that weren't getting paid. But a lot of people arn't going to see checks pretty soon.

Wojo writes here about the rising doubt of the agents that Billy Hunter is a man to get things done:

"Right now, it's a respectful disagreement with [the agents] and Billy," an agent briefed on the meeting told Yahoo! Sports. "But it's getting to a ‘[expletive]-you' point. We will blow this thing up."

An "F-U point?" Good lord. If agents really think that Hunter is in any position to get anything done by himself with the present "plan of attack" (which doesn't really exist), then, they are as naiive as anyone who thinks this thing isn't going to get like drunken soccer brawl in the stands ugly.

This article goes on to tell us what we already know, the owner's are sitting back and waiting. They need not do anything right now. Why make any concessions, the players have yet to starve. And while it's cold blooded or cut throated, it makes perfect strategy. Said Sun Tzu:

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.

And more to the point, Wojo reaffirms:

The owners are counting on panic to take over the union once the players start missing checks. That's when the owners want to cut a deal, when the players are most vulnerable and fearful of losing a full season's salary. The players risk getting the same lousy deal next year after already losing a year's salary.

Hunter is selling diplomacy, but his foe is hardly is over a barrel. In fact, if he could even get the owner's back to the table with something reasonable, he's only Chamberlain shaking hands with the nazis (not that the owners are indeed nazis-just a quick metaphor that came to mind).

Check out the article for more about the agents and thier cry for decertification.

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