Vince Carter Looking To Play a Couple More Years In NBA

Vince Carter, once one of the most dynamic and athletically gifted players in the NBA, is now 34 years old and showing every bit of his age.  Although the Phoenix Suns and their highly touted training staff lead by Aaron Nelson have earned a reputation for extending the careers of players including Steve Nash, Grant Hill, and even Shaquille O`Neal; even they had trouble turning back the clock on the aging Vinsanity once he was brought in via trade with the Orlando Magic during the 2010/11 season.  Carter's lack of efficiency on the court and his nagging injuries last season with the Suns led many to question whether or not he would soon retire from the NBA.  Even though the Suns will no doubt buy out Carter's remaining contract to save cap space going into next season, it doesn't appear that Vince is quite ready to hang up his sneakers.

In a recent interview with Ken Willis of the Dayton Beach News Journal, Vince Carter shared his views on the NBA lockout and also his future plans to continue playing in the league.  Like most other players, Carter is anxious for the lockout to end so he can resume playing.  When asked on what he plans on doing when the lockout ends, assuming that his contract with the Suns is bought out and that he will be a free agent, Vince replied, "You may not know where, but you have to be ready to play. I still want to play a couple more years...".

Those who watched Vince Carter play last year will likely question how much he has left.  At times he showed flashes of his former self, but all too often he simply appeared to be going through the motions.  As a free agent, he certainly will not receive anything close to the lucrative contract he last signed with Orlando, but if he wants to play, there will surely be teams interested if the price is right.  Like many other vets, one would assume Carter's intentions will be to sign with a contender in hopes of finishing his career with a championship.  Carter's days as a star, or even a starter, appear all but over.  However, he could still contribute meaningful minutes off the bench for a number of teams if he can stay healthy (and motivated).


Source:  The Daytona Beach News Journal

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