Suns' Childress Against Players Going Abroad During Lockout

Josh Childress knows a little bit about going overseas to play ball.  Some other guys interviewed him and asked about his experience and his opinion on whether the locked out should pursue jobs overseas.

While Childress made some good money going overseas, I can't see that it has helped his career on the court. Nevertheless, Childress isn't the caliber of player now talking about bailing on the NBA during the lockout. Said Childress:


"I understand that guys really want to play. But you sometimes have to look at what you have and treat this as a business. The only way I could see it making sense is if you're a player from a particular country going back. But for an American player with a good-sized guaranteed deal here, I can't see why you'd do it."


Childress also talks about the rude awakening to some who haven't counted on geographical and cultural differences:

"I played for one of the biggest clubs in Europe," Childress says. "But there were still six- and seven-hour bus rides, we didn't stay at the best hotels and we flew commercial nine out of 10 times. And not all coaches care about your body. It's more military style. There's no getting tired. I'll be interested to see how guys' bodies respond."

One cannot help but wonder if all this talk about playing overseas is only a ploy by the players. It's a pretty big card to play, and as nothing seems to stand in the way of a very long lockout, why not play it now?

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