Video Breakdown: We need more Sun

Are you bored? Are you Sun deprived? If so, get up, go get some comfort food, sit-down, relax and watch these vids.

But first, hear my words.

I find it ridiculous that team websites can't even show pictures of their current players, yet they can still list the roster? What point is the NBA trying to make? Why don't they want us to see our players? Stupid sausageheads! Screw them!

As for myself, I am not a sausagehead. I may be a butthead, but I'm really just Beavis, a man of simple taste. I like food, soda, pizza, peace, happiness, fun, love, women and most importantly My Phoenix Suns (which if you haven't noticed kind of includes all of that). So listen up Stern you Notorious Windbag, stop sulking, get off your butt, go get ya bruddas and work out a deal!

Note: I lost some nice vids ever since the lock-out due to some copyright crap. I blame David Stern. Not sure if he's the reason why, but I'm going to assume it is anyway, because I want to.

With that said, keep in mind that as you watch this, you'll be watching some footage that David Stern doesn't want you to see nor remember until he is a richer man, so enjoy;)

Steve Nash to Jared Dudley Goal Celebration (Soccer).AVI (via MonsterCableProducts)

clean hands (via stevenash)

All Night Long (via stevenash)

Steve Nash Baron Davis Step Brothers Spoof for ibeatyou (via ibeatyouvids)

Some Raja Bell with a touch of Grant Hill:

You can never have enough Dudley:

Want some Frye with that?

Need more J-Rich?

Ok, that was Nashty:

I'm going to need some water:

Beat that!

That's all folks... or is it?




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