SBNation Arizona: Blanks/Babby Pre-Draft Press Conference

SBNation Arizona: Blanks/Babby Pre-Draft Press Conference

Interesting tidbits, in that they said a lot while also saying absolutely nothing.

But there were a few interesting things I got out of the quotes in this article:
1) Gortat IS potentially available for the #2 pick (by the FO not shooting down the possibility)

2) Blanks sees little value in moving up only a couple spots - the talent level is deep but fairly equal after the 10th pick or so

3) The key is finding the right FIT for your organization, which is exactly the right thing to say. Much of any player's success, unless he's a superstar, is being in the right situation with the right team at the start of his career.

4) Oh, and, the Suns really want to shore up the backup PG position

YouTube of Tuesday's press conference.

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