NBA Finals Game 6 Open Thread. Sunday, June 12.


Raise your hand if you thought the Heat might sweep Dallas while watching them lay waste to the Mavericks in the second half of game 2. I'll admit that I did, and am happy I was wrong. This has been the most compelling NBA Finals series in recent memory, with all kinds of crazy twists and turns, future HOF players in Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. And, of course, we've witnessed LeDrama with LeVanishingactinthe4thquarter. Is tonight going to be the last NBA action we see for awhile? Or will the Heat respond and force a game 7?


  • Most of the media focus in this series has been on one marquee player who has played a critical role in his team's fortunes. Yes, I'm referring to Brian Cardinal.
  • Deron Williams visited the Mavs locker room after their game 5 victory. Is he contemplating opting out of his contract after next season to become Jason Kidd's successor?
  • There's a lot of piling on of LeBron James happening right now, and he deserves a great deal of the criticism he's receiving. Jason Whitlock takes a more empathetic view of James' struggles.

Tonight's game:

Mavs at Heat, 5PM PDT, ABC. Mavs lead series 3-2.

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