Suns Off-Season Targets

Today Mr. Paul Coro wrote an article concerning the Suns immediate and long term future. Here is a link to it, 

Suns face forks in road to recovery

One of the things I noticed was near the end of the article, Coro listed potential FA or Trade targets for the Suns. The players he listed were:

Point Guard: Rodney Stuckey

Shooting Guard: Aaron Affalo

Small Forward: Al Thornton

Power Forward: Luc Mbah a Moute

Center: DeAndre Jordan

Those players interested me, in particular, Aaron Affalo and DeAndre Jordan. If we were to acquire DeAndre Jordan, a young guy (22 Years Old) who averaged 7 points, 7 rebounds and shot 68% FG in just his 3rd Season. This would allow Gortat to be more expendable. I honestly like Gortat and would prefer not to trade him but if we could get a young borderline all-star (Iguodala) or a future all-star or superstar (Derrick Williams) I would make the trade and get DeAndre Jordan. The other player who interested me was Aaron Affalo. He's a high percentage shooter, good defender and just a smart player. He would be an excellent pickup and would be priority number 1 for the front office in my opinion. As for the other players, I would not mind Al Thornton, he's a good scorer, solid defender and isn't afraid to drive the lane. He nearly averaged 17 ppg in his sophomore season. To me, he is a low risk potentially high reward. However, I would not want Rodney Stuckey on this team. I haven't watched him much but from what I have seen, I can evaluate him as an Aaron Brooks like, shoot first PG which we don't need. Luc Mbah a Moute also is a low risk low reward player, and is a good rebounder and defender. I could see the front office liking him. Whether through a sign or a trade, it seems as if the Suns have some plans in mind, and we could potentially pick up some useful players.  


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