NBA Finals Open Thread - Tuesday, May 31.


After over a month of playoff action featuring a few stunning upsets and the flameouts of the Spurs, Lakers and Celtics, the NBA Finals are finally upon us as the Western Conference Champion Dallas Mavericks face the Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat in game 1 in Miami tonight. The Mavericks will try to avenge their 6-game loss to the Heat in the 2006 Finals, although each team has only two players remaining from that series (Nowitzki, Terry, Wade and Haslem). Oh yeah, and the Heat added some guy named LeBron since then. He and Dirk Nowitzki have been the best players in these playoffs, and it will be fascinating to see their teams match up as each goes for his first championship ring. This should be a fun series to watch.


  • John Schuhmann has become one of my favorite NBA writers during this postseason. Here, he breaks down the challenge the Mavericks face with the 2-3-2 format of the Finals.
  • I realize LeBron James is hated by many fans here, but come on. Admit it. Isn't it fun to have him as a villain?
  • I'm sorry to report that all of the games will be broadcast on ABC, so we won't get to enjoy the excellent work of the TNT crew. I miss Chuck already.

Tonight's game:

Mavs at Heat, 6PM PDT, ABC.

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