NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Tuesday, May 24. It's Getting Hot in Here.


The Thunder failed spectacularly in their must-win game last night. Can the Bulls do a better job in Miami tonight and even the series? It's easy to see what the Bulls need to accomplish to pull it off: they'll have to score more efficiently, and league MVP Derrick Rose will have to lead the way. Rose is making only 31% of his 3s and 40% of his FGs overall so far in this series. Barring a few supernova performances from him, it's hard to imagine the Bulls beating the Heat three more times.

Notes:'s John Schuhmann has some ideas on how Rose can get back on track.

Chris Bosh has been disrespected by NBA fans everywhere, including on this fine site. He's hoping his excellent game 3 performance will help to silence the critics.

The treatment of Charles Barkley by Heat fans has been turrible, just turrible. Even though Barkley doesn't seem to mind, TNT has moved him out of harm's way.

Tonight's game:

Bulls at Heat, 5:30 PDT, TNT. Heat lead series 2-1. 

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